Friday, December 23, 2011

Have You Been Schooled on "The Rules"- January 20th Its Going Down!!!

Its about that time again. Yep a BOND Inc Gathering is coming soon. Friday, January 20th to be exact. BOND Inc will be hosting its upcoming Gathering, Playing By the Rules on January 20th beginning at 7:30PM. Have you heard about "The Rules"? There are unspoken rules that some women are in "the know" about while others are completely in the dark. Regardless, if you're married, newly divorced or single, in the know or clueless you must be schooled on "The Rules".
Its going down January 20th and we sure do hope you can make it. Our special guest will be Monique, a Certified Traditional Rules Dating Coach based out of the DC, MD, VA area. For more information about our upcoming gathering (click here for a sneak peek)

We are working out all of the details and will provide you with the exact location once things are finalized. But here's what we know for sure:
  • our Gatherings are strictly for women regardless of marital/relationship status
  • Its absolutely FREE of charge
  • the conversation will be nonstop, leaving you at the edge of your seat
  • Monique's group plus BOND Inc's group makes for a packed out place
  • we have already received an overwhelming number of RSVPs
  • RSVP is a must so please email us at to be added to the list
  • ***** A Grand Time, Will be Had for Sure*****
If you never attended a BOND Gathering, its an absolute must. There is never a dull moment when you're in the company of a BOND Sister.  

Monique is a trusted source for helping busy professional singles on their journey to find love and happiness.  As a Howard University MBA graduate, she has numerous achievements in the areas of Business and Finance.  But after having to take a few years off from dating for business travel, she returned only to discover the difficulties of finding love.  Having already been introduced to the Rules for dating as a teenager, she set out to rediscover the Rules and master the art of dating.  She is now a Certified Traditional Rules dating coach.  As you may already know, finding a life long mate has become more complicated now than it has ever been in history.  Monique hopes to teach other women the art of dating and finding love through the effectiveness of practicing the Rules.  

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