Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hello BOND Girl!!!
The purpose of this message/discussion, is simply say how awesome it is to be all that God has created us to be. With all due respect, this is just what I am feeling in my heart, and what I believe, so I hope you don't mind me sharing.

It's about "YOU" going forth in all that is yours from God to receive, and allow the path of your destiny in life, to be driven solely by God. He knows how it will all unfold in our lives anyway.

Know that you all, we all, are VERY SPECIAL in the eyes of God. It is by no accident (again, what I believe), that we all have connected here as a BOND Girl; who is allowing a "new" direction to come forth in our lives, and in the lives of other BOND Girls, and those around us. You are awesome, you are dynamic, you are priceless as any jewels.

So, yes, this is a time where it can be all about "YOU", because after all, God has placed inspiration, tenacity, purpose and passion in each and everyone of us.

So, go ahead, be BOLD, and allow yourself (YOU) to BOND (Bringing On a New Direction)!!!


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