Monday, November 14, 2011

This Week's Spotlight~Tammy Williams: "Spreading Love"

Tammy recently started a blog entitled Spreadluvnheal thru Divine Insights. So often we become discouraged by the many difficulties in life. She created this blog to encourage others through daily affirmations and uplifting poetry. Tammy always asks for divine guidance before she writes so that her words may be filled with God/Goddesses spirit. She also holds women retreats in which she donates massage time and share in spiritual discussions tailored to the needs of women. She feels privileged to be of service in this way.

My Greatest Accomplishment to Date Has Been:

My greatest accomplishment was graduating massage therapy school in 2003. This has led to an expansion of my consciousness concerning the different methods of healing through alternative medicine.

The Most Challenging Thing I Ever Experienced Was:

The most challenging thing I have ever experienced is working at a job that no longer holds my interest. It was quite frustrating until I realized that there was nothing holding me back from creating the life I want. Persistence and prayer pays off but not in my timing. I came to realize that what is meant to be will happen in God/Goddesses time. I stopped focusing on what I didn’t like and started focusing on the new road I hoped to embark upon. I began to start each day with an affirmation. This was the birth of my spiritual blog.Most Valuable Lesson(s): 
My most valuable lessons concern patience and accepting change. It is so easy to rush ahead in life but I had to wait and grow in understanding before I could fly. Fly in the direction of my passions. I have worked a 9-5 job for over 20yrs and felt quite ready to start a new career, but I wasn’t sure of which direction to take. Patience led me to pray and ask for divine guidance about a new career path. I also work as a massage therapist which is a career I love, so I couldn’t understand why I felt so dissatisfied. I had to accept that my feelings where changing concerning how I wanted to spread love. It has always been important to me to make a difference in people’s lives. Massage therapy allowed me to bring awareness to others about health and happiness of body, mind and soul.  I realize now that this can be done in many ways. The longer I waited the more I began to feel my heart being drawn toward creative writing. Prayer answered!

Final Remarks: 

It’s simple. Never give up on your dreams. Have faith that God/Goddess hears your prayers and live your life through your passions.

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