Saturday, September 17, 2011

Product Review: The Best $3 Bucks I Ever Spent

My friends and family will tell you that I’m what you would call a “Product Junkie”. If you were to take a look into my bathroom you’d find health and beauty products all over the place. Actually it’s quite insane how many different products I do have.  I’m trying guys; I really am, trying to break this habit. When I’m in a store I’ve literally had to slap my hands and say “No you don’t need that conditioner you already have several bottles that you need to either get rid of or use the rest of it before you go spending more money on yet another product” As you know with any habit it can take some time to break.  I was doing pretty good until…
I went to my local Target just to do some window shopping. Somehow, someway the wind blew me over to the cosmetic section. Before I started attending Product Junkie Anonymous Meetings, I was eyeing this one product. It was crazy, I would pick it up, then put it back, pick it up, put it on and so on. So this particular day, it was calling my name, I heard it say, TRY ME, TRY ME. I couldn’t resist the urge, I said “hey its only $3 bucks go ahead and knock yourself out”.
I purchased a bottle of Mist and Set by Eyes. Lips. Face. (ELF)Like I mentioned to you before I had been eyeing this product for some time and my first thoughts were it was yet another company trying to get over on me. I just thought it was a bottle mixed with water and alcohol. So I succumbed to it mainly because of the price and the fact that I use a lot of ELF’s products.  
APPLICATION: After applying your makeup but just before applying your mascara, hold the Mist and Set bottle as far back from you face as you would if you were taking a photo of yourself. Close your eyes and then lightly MIST it on the left side, right side and then in the middle of your face to even it out. Fan your face, to speed up the drying so you can apply your mascara. (Mascara review coming soon) VIOLA, you are now SET.
REVIEW: Before using it, by the end of the day it looked as if I didn’t spend those 10 or so minutes in the morning applying makeup. By the end of the day my makeup just didn’t look right. Ladies I will tell you that this was the best three dollars I ever spent it quite some time. The first day I used the Mist and Set I checked my make-up during the day to see if it stayed put like the product said it would. I DID. By the end of the day my makeup looked just like it did when I walked out of the house in the morning.
I was using it consistently for a few  days but one day  forgot to spray it on and let me tell you by the end of the day I looked into the mirror and I could instantly tell that I forgot to spray on my handy dandy Mist and Set.
FINAL THOUGHTS:  Ladies if you are looking for a product to keep your makeup looking nice throughout the day you won’t be disappointed by ELF’s Mist and Set. For the price and the results that it gives you, you can’t go wrong. I now crown this product as a product staple of mine. So ladies when you get a moment go ahead and skip your little behinds on over to Target and pick you up a bottle. It will be the best $3 you ever spent. TRUST ME.

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