Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Natural & All Feature: Tii

Hello Naturalistas my name is Tii
My natural hair journey began a little something like this...

This is my third journey, excluding childhood. When I was relaxing my hair, I would only do it 3-4 times a year. I really didn’t getting the relaxers because I could see the damage being done to my hair. However, I really didn’t know what else to do to with my hair because I was not very talented at styling it. Matter of fact, I only wore my hair in two different styles. A ponytail (phony & my real hair) and a regular bob. Finally, I decided to stop putting relaxers in my hair and things were going nicely for about 2 years. But, I still only wore a ponytail.

Eventually, My hair starting breaking in the back of my head because I didn’t know how to properly take care of my hair and wearing a ponytail daily. Then, I got the great idea to start adding the chemicals again to make the rest of my hair seem longer and to cover the section of hair that had broken off. A couple of years later in 2005, I decided to go for the natural thing again. I lasted 5 years without breakage but still wore a ponytail. In March 2010, I decided I started watching videos on Youtube to find a hairstyle that I could wear. Instead of watching videos on natural hair, I just searched African-American hairstyles. I found the cutest short Rhianna cut. I found a stylist and went to get my hair cut. While getting my hair cut, the stylist said she would have to put a relaxer in my hair in order for the cut to look right because my hair was so curly. Instead of saying just do a BC for me and that will be all, I told her to go for it.
There were a number of problems with this decision. First, I now had chemicals in my hair again, after a 5 years stretch of transitioning. Second, I didn’t know how to curl my hair to maintain the style. Third, I couldn’t afford to go to the beauty shop once a week or every other week. And lastly, I couldn’t even pull my hair back into a ponytail anymore. My hair grows pretty fast. So, after about 8 weeks I had a mess on top of my head. I had to find a way to style my hair but had many failed attempts. I burned my hair with curling irons and flat irons. So, now, the mess was damaged. UGH!!!
To try to save myself and be able to go outside, I started experimenting with weaves and wigs. I did this for quite a few months. Actually, the experimenting helped give me confidence in doing my own hair. I was making quick-weave caps and cutting them into style. During this time, I continued to watch Youtube videos and ran across some natural hair videos. I was really intrigued about this because I saw hair care and styles that I knew I could do to my own hair. So, on October 6, 2010, I went into my bathroom, wet my hair and put some conditioner in it. I could clearly see where the relaxer remained in my hair. I then performed my own BC.
I’m close to my 1 year anniversary and I don’t plan on ever going back to chemicals. I love my natural hair even more this time around because it is the first time that I cut the relaxed ends off and it looks great. I’ve learned so much about my hair and me through this journey. I wish I would have gotten it right a long time ago.
I decided to go natural because I needed a way to care for my hair that would not cause damage from chemicals and I wanted to do something different when it came to styling. But with wanting that, I didn’t want to have the same styles as everyone else. I like to be unique.

My friends and family were very shocked but supportive of my decision to go natural and as a result I felt confident with my decision and started educating them on caring for their hair (the naturals and chemically treated

The goal for my hair is just to stay healthy and watch it grow.
If I were stranded on an island the products I just couldn’t live without are water and essential/carrier oils because they make my hair so manageable and beautiful. My curls love the mixture.

Throughout this journey I’ve learned that I can rely on myself to make things happen for me. It great to have support but I found some unrealized strength inside of me and I love it!!!

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  1. Awesome story, Tii..Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring

  2. Thanks Nique. I'm glad you like it. And I want to thank Bond Inc for giving me the chance to share my story.