Monday, September 12, 2011

This Week's Spotlight~Tamara Shirer: She Loves The Kids

One of Tamara Shirer’s favorite quotes is from the late actress Beah Richards, and it is “The World You Want To Live In Needs You To Create It”. Tamara takes that quote to heart and she is making every effort to create the world she wants to live in by empowering & uplifting the youth. Tamara spent 11 years as a Child/Adolescent Social Worker & School Counselor, and she is now the founder and CEO of Born For Greatness Youth Empowerment Resources, . Through the Born For Greatness company, Tamara creates products & programs geared towards building confidence in children & putting them on a path to success. This summer, Tamara hosted the Born For Greatness Youth Writers program to cultivate the gifts in children who have a passion for writing & show them how to become successful through their gift. In addition to teaching the students how to become better writers, Tamara also taught them how to get their work published. This summer 7 articles from students in the Born For Greatness Youth Writers class were published in various online & print magazines. Tamara is currently working on getting a book published with a collection of writing from the students in the program. The book is entitled “We Are Not A Lost Cause: The Youth Speak!” In addition to the Youth Writers program, Tamara also facilitates youth empowerment workshops & leadership classes.

My Greatest Accomplishment to date has been:
Making a positive impact in the lives of many children.

The most challenging thing I ever experienced is:
Stepping out on faith and resigning from my job to dedicate my time & energy into building Born For Greatness Youth Empowerment Resources. However I had to do it because I truly believed that I could serve the world in a big way & and make a difference through the Born For Greatness company.

Most Valuable Lesson(s): 
Always follow your instinct. I believe that your instinct or gut feeling is God’s channel of communication to you. I’ve learned that you can never go wrong by following your instinct, because once you do, God will take the lead and surprise you in miraculous ways.

Final Remarks
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