Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet our Panelist: Jerrod Harris

City: Baltimore, MD
Age Range: 30-34     
Marital Status: Divorce/Recently Engaged

BOND Girl: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jerrod: I’m a distinguished military veteran. I’m also a single parent of two (Daughter 19 & Son 12). I’ve been a single parent since my divorce in 2003.

BOND Girl: What are your personal philosophies, attitudes and/or beliefs on (the):

Opposite Sex?

Jerrod: Women are sure of what they want but not sure if they want to do the work that is needed to get that. i.e. they can say that they want a man who doesn’t cheat. Who is makes her feel special and stimulates her mentally and physically. And who loves kids. And then when you meet that guy and find out that he’s attends and is active in church and does all the things you want. The thought and girl friend convo is, that he’s soft. He doesn’t want to argue, doesn’t curse. Rarely, if ever raises his voice. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t have to be true. Majority of women are so caught up on what MEDIA and friends tells them what a man is supposed to be, they haven’t known or don’t know what a man can be

Love & relationships?

Jerrod: People have misunderstood the definition of the words love and relationship. All a relationship is, is an interaction between 2 or more people. The word love is tossed around with little to no value. People love their cars, love to read, love to dance, love this food. Love is the most sacred and honored thing that we as people have to offer to another person. Once we realize that, we have and we will change how and when we decide to give love in ANY person in our relationships

Current state of the Black Family?

Jerrod: The Black family is headed in the wrong direction. Too often there are single family households and we as a people have this I don’t need anyone for anything attitude. We are caught up in and allow the things we see/read/and hear to dictate/control the way we live and the way we respond to each other. It’s been generations in the making, but the black ‘FAMILY’, is on the brink of extinction

BOND Girl: The Importance of Fathers in the Household?

Jerrod: There is no more important person in this world, let alone in the household.  The fact that they haven’t been there for generations speaks for itself. You can trace 90% of the problems in urban society to the absence of a father in the household.

BOND Girl: If you were single, would you rather date, mate, relate or wait? Why or Why not?      

Jerrod: When you go looking for something or someone, you are going to find something or someone.

BOND Girl: What is one piece of advice you’d give right before he/she says I do?     

Jerrod: Talking with each other is not the key to success. Rather, listening to each other is the way to guarantee success.

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