Friday, July 8, 2011

The Best Love Story Ever Told- Part I (Revised)

A love story that is one of the oldest love stories ever told. A love story that although thousands of years old can still give the hopeless of all hopeless romantics’ chills. A love story that has been on the top of the charts for decades and has gone down in history as being one of the greatest illustrations of true love than the story of Ruth and Boaz. What’s important to note and what makes this story so distinguishable from any love story ever written, told or shared is what comes about as a result. The blood line that was formed, we now have the privilege to know and behold such a man that could love you like no other could, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I’ve studied Ruth a time or two but this time around, I’ve gained greater insight on what I believe is one of the most encouraging love stories to share with those who still believe in love. After reading this passage there are a few themes/takeaways I’d like for you to ponder. I must caution you that to get the full effect of the story, it’s imperative that you read the book of Ruth for yourself.

The story begins with three women that would soon become widows, their names Naomi, Orpah and Ruth. Naomi would be the first to lose her husband and then her two sons who were married to Orpah and Ruth. What’s important to note that Naomi’s sons were named Mahlon and Chilion. Maholon’s name means sick and Chilion’s name means puny and frail. I’ll touch more on that topic a bit later.

Since Naomi’s immediate family is now gone she decides to move back to her native land to be amongst her own people and she bids both of her widowed daughter in laws farewell. Both women would profess their undying love and honor for Naomi and both insisted that they would follow her wherever she went. However in the end Ruth would be the only one to take that long journey home with her. After some time, Naomi and Ruth reaches their destination to Naomi’s homeland. Because Ruth honored and respected Naomi, Ruth took on the responsibility of taking care of her. It didn’t take long for Ruth to go out and began working in the fields so that both she and Naomi could eat.

TAKE AWAY LESSON #1- Ladies; be sure to have in your space, women be it mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mentor’s, godmothers, motherly figures who are filled with godly wisdom. Be sure that you listen closely with an open mind and heart to what it is they have to say because many of them have been where you are. It’s fine to have friends the same age as you but many of them are growing and maturing at the same rate as you and it’s better to learn from someone who’s been there and done that. Most importantly be kind, respectful and be there to take care of those women. Cherish them and hold them with high regard.


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